Five Types of Residential Flooring Options You Should Know About

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It may seem like every time you turn around there is a new flooring option coming to the market. What was once a market dominated by hardwood and carpet has given way to a myriad of other options that have expanded the functional and aesthetic horizons for your home. Sure, carpet and hardwood still have a place in the modern home, but because there are so many options out there, you would be silly not to give them a thought.

Here are five clever and beautiful types of residential floors your general contractor in Midland, MI wants you to get familiar with:

  • Laminate: We know what you may be thinking: “Laminate? You mean the cheesy looking hardwood imitation?” Fifteen years ago or more, you would have been right to be disgusted, but today’s laminates are not only gorgeous, they can also survive as well, if not better than, their real-wood counterparts. Their sturdy nature makes them an ideal solution to homes with pets, kids or lots of entertaining.
  • Luxury vinyl: Like your reaction to laminates, vinyl might stir up some unresolved issues about your grandmother’s 1970 lime green kitchen decor, but hear us out. Modern vinyl not only looks great, but it is a cost effective way to transform a large space while keeping it functional and within budget. Modern vinyl floors have all of the durability of their predecessors, but manufacturing techniques have improved so much that you’ll hardly know you are looking at a vinyl product!
  • Cork: Yes, you read that right. Like bamboo and other newer materials being used in the flooring game, cork is making a splash recently. It is durable, unique and pretty nice to walk on as well. While we wouldn’t necessarily suggest it to people without a stylish sense of adventure, it might be just the conversation piece you need in your home. Not sure you want cork flooring all throughout your house? Put it in certain spaces and do the rest of the floors in another material.
  • Tile: One of the major crazes going on in the building and home decor industry right now is tile. Whether big, small, plain or ornate, tile is making a big comeback, and for good reason. From large white subway tiles in bathrooms and kitchens to warm terracotta tiles throughout the home, tile offers life-long durability with a timeless look. Whether your floors endure constant foot traffic or messy kids and pets, you can be sure tile won’t fail you.
  • Carpet: We’ve come a long way since the days of the orange shag and itchy industrial carpeting. Today, there are a ton of carpeting options that help your home look sleek and comfortable without too much hassle. From new stain-resistant to extra plush, the carpet market has only improved as people demanded more comfortable and attractive options.

If you want to learn more about flooring options for your home, contact Tri City Remodeling. Call to speak with an experienced general contractor in Midland, MI today!

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