Winterizing Your Home: Is Your Attic Properly Insulated?

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Responsible homeowners know that getting their home ready for winter is essential. Even though you don’t spend much time up there, one of the steps you can’t overlook for winterizing your home is checking to make sure that your attic is adequately insulated.

Shockingly, experts say that up to 90 percent of homes don’t have enough insulation. Homeowners in that group often spend much more on energy bills throughout the winter and live in a colder and more uncomfortable house. The good news is that diagnosing an under-insulated home is easier than you may think! These are a few of the signs that you need more attic insulation in Midland, MI:

  • Fluctuating temperatures: Are some rooms in your home significantly colder than others? There could be two causes of this: poor ventilation or under-insulation. We recommend calling an HVAC technician to test out your ventilation system and furnace. If everything looks good, you most likely have too little insulation up in your attic.
  • High energy bills: Unless you have a fireplace, running your furnace throughout the winter is the only way to ensure that your home is nice and toasty. The only problem is that keeping your furnace running all the time gets pretty costly. Those costs only get higher if your attic is under-insulated, as your system has to work harder to keep your home at a consistent temperature. You’ll be amazed at how much more heat your home retains if you just add a little insulation in your attic.
  • Frozen pipes: Turning on your faucets on extremely cold nights is one of the better ways to keep your pipes from freezing and bursting, but if your attic and walls are under-insulated, running your water won’t help as much as it otherwise might. Pipes in exterior walls need to be kept warm throughout the winter with plenty of insulation.
  • Rodents and bugs: Nobody wants to see pests scurrying around their house. Though the presence of bugs and pests could indicate that you have a cleanliness issue, it may also mean that you have gaps in your insulation that allow these critters to get inside. If pests can slip in through these cracks, imagine how easily cold air from outside gets in. Adding insulation will keep that cold air and all of those pests outside where they belong.
  • Melting snow: After the next snowfall, we recommend walking outside and taking a look up at your roof. Is the snow on your roof melting much faster than on your neighbors’ roofs? If so, this is a sign that your attic is under-insulated! Heat from the lower levels of your home is rising up and warming your roof. Adding insulation keeps that heat in your home where it belongs, instead of up on your roof.

Move yourself into the 10 percent of happy homeowners by giving Tri City Remodeling a call today for attic insulation in Midland, MI. Though you can sometimes install insulation by yourself, wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind knowing that the job is performed correctly by a team of professionals? When you work with us, you can rest easy at night knowing that your attic has the right amount of insulation and your home will be comfortable and energy efficient throughout the winter.

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