Leave It to the Pros: How General Contractors Save Time and Money

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Thinking about making some changes to your home? You might be tempted to pick up a hammer and get to work on a DIY project! But before you do, take a moment to determine if that’s actually the best idea. Should you be calling a general contractor in Midland, MI instead?

Don’t take it as an affront to your handyman skills! Even an experienced DIY homeowner’s abilities pale in comparison to someone who remodels and renovates for a living. Many times, calling in a professional is the smartest thing you can do. In fact, it might also end up saving you money!

Here are a few reasons to leave bigger, more complicated jobs to remodeling contractors in Midland, MI.

You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

There’s no shame in admitting you have no idea what you’re doing. You’ve probably never done a tub-to-shower conversion and re-tiled a bathroom before. Likewise, you probably haven’t installed new countertops. You’re not expected to know what goes into these projects!

Hopping on YouTube or reading an article or two doesn’t make you an expert, either. While these resources are informative, they’re far short of actually doing the work. If you’re out of your depth, call a professional and don’t be dismayed by your lack of experience. Instead, use it as a learning experience!

You Don’t Have the Tools

Most major renovation projects require tools far outside of what you’ll find in the average toolbox. From specialty tools like a wire stripper, to expensive power tools like a miter saw, these are all additional expenses if you don’t have them laying around or readily available via a generous neighbor.

Don’t go out and blow a huge part of your budget on new tools you may only use once or twice. Save that money for the finer parts of the project and let a general contractor in Midland, MI do the work with tools that see plenty of use.

The Costs Are Too High

Hiring a general contractor may actually save you money on your new renovation or remodeling project. Not only do they already own the tools necessary to do the work, they also have partnerships and credentials necessary to get materials at discounted rates or in bulk. Couple this with industry affiliations that enable lower prices and it makes working with a professional a great cost-saving measure.

Your Warranty Dictates It

Did you know that many homeowners’ warranties actually have clauses prohibiting major DIY projects? Trying to work outside of your depth actually makes you a liability to your own home! As a result, insurance companies protect themselves against disastrous DIY failures by stipulating that home improvement projects must be done by a qualified professional. Before you dive into a demolition project, make sure you’re not hitting your own hand with a hammer via your home’s insurance policy.

There’s a reason general contractors exist! They make home improvement and renovations more affordable, simpler and a whole lot smoother when it comes down to it. Contact Tri City Remodeling today to learn more about how we can help with your next project.

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