Tips for Creating a New Nursery

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There’s nothing quite as exciting as bringing home your first child. Of course, there’s a lot of anxiety that comes with becoming a new parent, but the best way to be ready for the blessed arrival of your child is to prepare ahead of time. That includes investing in nursery remodeling in Midland, MI so your baby girl or boy begins life in the perfect space. Discover everything you need to know before you begin remodeling for your nursery:

  • Safety first: Before you pick paint colors or a theme for your nursery, discuss all of the safety features your remodeling contractor recommends. A trusted contractor that has years of experience will know the best way to make the nursery safe for your little bundle of joy. This includes picking materials that are non-toxic and won’t have harmful long-term effects on your baby.
  • Choose your theme: This will also help you pick the colors you want to use during your nursery remodel in Midland, MI, as well as help you shop for decor pieces and register for your baby shower. Remember, this is a room for a developing child—make it cheerful, fun and stimulating. The nursery should also be a reflection of your family’s values and interests, so take these into account when decorating your first nursery.
  • Personalize everything: This is your baby’s first bedroom. Most likely, he or she will spend their formative years in this room sleeping, playing, studying and more. Find fun ways to incorporate personalized touches in your nursery to really make it unique and special for your baby.
  • Go for the unexpected: There are plenty of places to buy everything you will need to furnish and decorate your nursery. Instead of hitting the mall or a big box store, search for one-of-a-kind pieces that really set your nursery apart from the crowd. Shop at antique stores, thrift shops, garage sales and flea markets to find adorable touches to add to your nursery that you won’t see in any catalog or Pinterest page. It’s also worth investing in custom-made pieces for your nursery if you have room in the budget.
  • Time your project correctly: Most renovation projects include painting. You don’t want to bring your new baby home from the hospital the day after the nursery was painted due to the fumes. There might also be changes you want made to the nursery after the renovations have been completed to really make it the space you envisioned. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the nursery before your newest family member arrives.
  • Give yourself space: As a parent, you’ll be spending many hours in this nursery, from feeding to storytelling. Make sure to incorporate a comfy area for you to sit in while you’re singing a lullaby to your little one.

One of the most valuable lessons you learn as a parent is that anything can happen with a child. While you can’t prepare for everything, you can have a beautiful nursery ready to go when your newborn comes home from the hospital. There’s so much value in nursery remodeling in Midland, MI. If you’re interested in renovating a room in your home to make a nursery, contact Tri City Remodeling today. Our experts can help you create the perfect space for your expected arrival.

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