Tips for Selecting the Right Shower Door

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A good shower is one of those rare things that meets the needs we need it to meet. Sure, it’s meant to clean us off, but a shower can also soothe sore muscles at the end of a long day. It can revitalize us in the morning before work. A piping-hot shower is a perfect solution for a cold day, and it’s just the ticket for calming frayed nerves. Showers are a fantastic thing, provided you’re able to enjoy the fresh water.

If you’re worried that your shower door isn’t effectively keeping your water inside, however, then it can be challenging to get the most joy from your daily cleaning session. Before you begin shower door installation in Midland, MI, here are some tips to help make sure you’re picking the right one.

Know what type of shower you have

The single most important factor when considering a shower door is knowing which type of shower you’ve got in your home. Most homeowners have one of three major kinds of shower:

  • Bathtub showers are the most common type of shower. These are combination bathtubs and showers that can be closed with either a curtain or a door.
  • Just as the name would suggest, walk-in enclosures feature a door that reaches all the way to the floor for easy access.
  • Alcove showers are typically smaller units that are designed to fit neatly into a tight corner.

Some homes may require custom showers depending on their needs or the available space, but the above-listed examples are by far the most common.

What type of door do you want?

Once you know what kind of shower you’ve got, next comes the fun part. There is a massive variety of shower doors available—all you have to do is find the one that’s right for you.

If you’re in a confined area, for example, you may find a sliding shower door more to your liking. Of course, if you’ve got a wide-open bathroom, a hinged or pivoted door could be just the ticket.

You can even opt for a barrier-free shower door installation in Midland, MI. This unique option uses a fixed door pane near the showerhead that keeps water from flowing into your bathroom but leaves the rear part of the shower open for easy access.

Come to the pros who know

When it comes to shower door installation in Midland, MI, there’s no better team to trust than Tri City Remodeling. We’ve been meeting the needs of homeowners throughout the area for 40 years, and we’re still going strong. That’s because our name goes hand in hand with a reputation for excellence.

We’re a family owned and operated company that offers a vast array of services, including internal and external remodeling, basement finishing, siding, garage construction, insulation installation, roofing, window service and so much more. If you need a professional with years of experience, Tri City Remodeling can help. Give us a call today—we can’t wait to talk to you about your project.

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