Top 10 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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As a home remodeling contractor, we’ve seen a lot of homeowners take wrong turns during their renovation projects. Even seasoned DIY-ers are prone to some of the common mistakes that are possible when you dive into a complex renovation.

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid these mistakes. Keep the following in mind as you launch your renovations to keep your project on the right path:

  1. An unrealistic budget: Renovations almost always cost more than expected. Inevitably, there will be some unexpected costs associated with your project. To avoid surprises you can’t cover, build an extra 20 percent into your budget.
  2. Poor function: Too often, homeowners sacrifice function for form. Yes, you want the place to look nice, but you need to live in it, too. Consider how you will be using the space, and make decisions based on function as well as form.
  3. Trendy choices: It’s good to update a space so it doesn’t look dated, but be careful about being too trendy. Choose good designs that will boost the value of the home. Consult with a home remodeling contractor for ideas.
  4. Premature purchases: It’s exciting to decorate a freshly-remodeled space, but don’t jump the gun on purchasing furniture and decor. Wait until the project is closer to completion, so you have accurate measurements and can be more confident in how everything will come together.
  5. Lack of materials: If you’re redoing a floor, be sure to order extra materials. You will need enough to cover defects and installation waste. Always buy an extra 20 percent to have on hand, so you don’t run short of supplies before the flooring is completed.
  6. Cheap materials: Sticking to a budget is good, and you don’t want to overpay for materials, but it’s not a good idea to choose the cheapest products on the market. Select materials that will last, so you don’t have to replace them again in a few short years.
  7. Impulse buys: It might be tempting to pick up some carpeting, an appliance or other feature if you see something you like or find a good deal; however, always consider how any purchase will work with the rest of your plan. An impulse buy may throw off your plan and make it hard to create a cohesive look.
  8. Narrow spaces: Don’t skimp on doorways and halls. Are they big enough to allow for appliances and furniture? Double-check your plans to make sure they include ample width for these important throughways.
  9. The wrong paint: It might be tempting to select one paint to use for the entire project. This is a mistake. You might need to use a different finish for various rooms and different parts of each room. Consult with a home remodeling contractor for specific advice on matte, satin and gloss finishes to create the best look for your space.
  10. The wrong contractor: Choose your home remodeling contractor carefully. Make sure they know what you want and understand the project as you gather estimates. Keep in mind that references, experience and skill are important considerations as well as price.

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