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After two years in a pandemic, with most individuals staying inside their homes more often than not, homeowners have had an abundance of time to identify areas in their homes they want to renovate or redesign. Whether it be adding an addition to a home that feels too cramped, upgrading a kitchen you find yourself using far more often than you’d been before or wanting to refresh a room that feels stale after the number of hours you’ve spent in it, you’re not alone in your desire for something new.

As you plan your next home project, consider these trends that are taking the design world by storm in 2022. No matter what room you want to focus on or what changes you want to see, these remodeling trends will provide the inspiration and insight needed to get things rolling, no matter your budget.

Top remodeling trends in 2022

In the last two years, our homes have adapted to become far more than just our homes. In addition to the familiar space in which we rest, recharge and nourish ourselves and our families, they have also become workplaces, classrooms and social-distancing friendly entertainment spaces. They’ve become flexible spaces out of necessity.

If you’d like to better support these changes through a remodeling project, keep these trends in mind:

  • Multipurpose spaces: With whole families forced home in 2020, making the best use of our spaces became essential. As you begin planning to redesign your space, push the limits on what needs each space might meet and choose furniture and decorative elements that can adapt to comfortably supports them both.
  • Bathroom spas: After years of stress, we could all use a trip to the spa, but with closures and restrictions on top of our already busy schedules, doing so isn’t always feasible. A good compromise is to bring the spa into your home. Deep-vessel sinks, luxurious soaking tubs, showers with steam features and chandelier lighting are all elements that will elevate your bathroom experience to something akin to the spa visit you so deeply deserve.
  • Outdoor spaces: Unable to socialize indoors, many have chosen to turn their outdoor spaces into beautiful places to entertain guests. Consider upgrading your porch, patio or deck to make them as beautiful as possible, building a gazebo in your yard or designing an outdoor kitchen to host family and friends safely outdoors.
  • Sustainable living: With climate change advancing, in 2022, many have committed to improving the sustainability of their homes and reducing their negative environmental impact. From installing solar panels to choosing more sustainable materials in interior renovations, environmentally-friendly everything is very on trend.

No matter what space you’re hoping to take on this year, finding a knowledgeable remodeling contractor who understands your vision and is able to make it happen is the first step. The skilled team at Tri City Remodeling is available to talk through your design ideas, draft digital mockups to help you visualize the changes and then work with you to bring your dream to life. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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