Signs Your House Needs New Siding

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Various parts of your home need to be kept in good condition to ensure your property is in good shape and protected. Your siding is one part of your home that you need to properly protect. Quality siding not only provides an exterior barrier or protection against the elements, but it can also improve your home’s appearance and curb appeal. 

While siding is designed to last, it can wear down over the years and require repair. This can be due to bad weather, long-term depreciation and a variety of other factors. There are various signs in particular that your siding requires repair or that you need to have it replaced completely by a siding contractor. 

Noticeable Rot

One of the most common signs that you will need new siding or significant repairs is if there is noticeable rot. Wood siding can look great and last a long time when it is properly cared for. Unfortunately, it is also subject to rot once there has been moisture intrusion. If you are able to easily pull away pieces of siding, or it is visibly rotting and crumbling, you will need new siding. 

Large Dents and Other Signs of Damage

You could also be in need of siding repair or replacement if there are large dents and other obvious signs of damage. If you have aluminum siding, dents can happen frequently due to hail and other events. If your siding is noticeably dented and damaged, it may have lost some of its structural integrity as well. Due to this, you should speak with a contractor about having either all or a part of the siding replaced. 

Increased Energy Usage

One of the advantages of quality siding is that it can act as a level of insulation for your home. When it is in good condition, it should help you retain the desired temperature in your home. If you notice that your energy usage is increasing, it could be due to faulty siding that no longer provides insulation. This will be even more likely by the cause if you notice a draft coming from the exterior walls. 

Moisture or Mold on Walls

Siding is designed to protect your home from exterior elements, including debris and moisture. If you start to notice that your exterior walls are getting wet or showing signs of mold growth, it could indicate an issue with your siding. In these cases, you will want to replace the siding and have your interior walls repaired to get rid of any existing mold and prevent it from coming back. 

It continues to be very important that you keep your home’s siding in good condition. While siding is designed to last, it could require repairs from a local contractor on occasion. There are various signs your siding needs repair or full replacement to help protect your home. 

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