What to Look for When Your Chimney Needs Repairing

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If your chimney isn’t in good repair and has suffered chimney damage, it’s a big deal. Malfunctioning chimneys can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and may increase the risk of home fires. Sadly, carbon monoxide poisoning claims hundreds of lives each year in the United States alone. House fires cause thousands of deaths. Thus, watching for signs of chimney problems is vital.

Not sure if your fireplace is in need of repair? There are some telltale chimney damage signs to watch out for. Let’s cover those below. However, if your gut is telling you that something is off, even if doesn’t appear on this list, it’s still wise to contact a chimney repair specialist. Especially with chimneys, it’s far better to be safe than sorry. Fortunately, you can contact chimney repair and cleaning experts at Tri City Remodeling.

Foul Smells and Excess Smoke in the Home

When a chimney is working properly, most of the smoke should escape up and through the flue. In some cases, a bit of smoke may escape into the home, and ditto for other smells. However, if the smoke or smells are excessive, it may be a sign that something is wrong.

Often, creosote is at fault. Many people misidentify creosote as soot, and although the two are similar, there are some important differences. In practice, creosote consists of a lot of tar and thus makes it especially dangerous as far as blocking smoke is concerned. Soot can also clog up a chimney, as well, leading to problems.

No matter what is clogging up the flue, it’s important to have the chimney cleaned. If smoke cannot easily escape via the fireplace, it could lead to myriad issues, some dangerous.

Crumbling Masonry

It’s not uncommon to find older chimneys where the masonry is starting to crack. In some cases, you might even find bits of masonry outside of the fireplace. You might think that this is normal wear and tear, but often it’s due to excessive moisture.

As chimney bricks and stones soak up moisture, they become more prone to cracking and crumbling. They can also fall out of place. This could lead to many different problems, including mold. Even if you’re not using your chimney, the mold could prove detrimental to your health and may spread elsewhere within the home.

Besides the brick itself, pay close attention to the mortar joints which join the stones together. These joints could be plagued by mold as well, leading to problems.

Other Problems Seen and Unseen

Unfortunately, many different things could impact a chimney. You might notice cracked crowns at the top of the chimney, for example. If these crowns are cracked, it could leave your chimney exposed to the weather.

Many other issues could crop up. Your chimney might leak water or could be overheating. Whatever the case, it’s smart to contact chimney cleaning and repair specialists. Reach out to Tri City Remodeling to schedule an inspection and discuss chimney repair options. 

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