The Best Lighting Options for Your Master Bathroom

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The master bathroom is usually the first place you go after waking up in the morning and the last stop before bed. It’s where you start your day by getting ready and unwind after a long day at the office with a soak in the tub. The bathroom environment can play a huge role in setting the tone for the entire day. A welcoming, comfortable and relaxing bathroom space should never include a fluorescent overhead ceiling light or too-dim vanity lights.

Perfect lighting is crucial to creating the ideal master bathroom during bathroom remodeling in Midland, MI. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the best lighting options for your master bathroom:

  • Chandelier: Looking to create the ultimate luxurious bathroom fit for a resort? Then the chandelier is the perfect lighting option for you. A crystal chandelier will serve as the focal piece of the room. It will add glamour and sparkle to more traditional décor or serve as a finishing touch for a truly elegant space.
  • Lighted mirror: Wake up a little more easily with a lighted mirror! The lights are placed behind the sides of the bathroom mirror for a modern, yet calming look. The result is a glowing balance of warmth and opulence that will help make the mornings a bit easier. Consider adding a dimmer for complete control over the bathroom lighting.
  • Recessed can lights: Recessed can lights provide the perfect amount of lighting for bathrooms big and small. This lighting choice takes up little space, as the bulbs are recessed into the ceiling. Place them strategically to create the most flattering illumination. The fixtures are available in a variety of different materials, colors and finishes to perfectly match your bathroom.
  • Sconces: Create a timeless bathroom with sconces. The light sits on a decorative holder that is then attached to the wall. Consider placing vintage inspired brass sconces next to an oversized mirror to add an unexpected flair and brighten the bathroom. Strategically positioning the sconces above a vanity will create the optimal lighting for applying makeup or trimming a beard.
  • Vanity lights: Vanity lights are a great choice for any bathroom. They are suitable for both ambient lighting and task lighting within the bathroom. The number and location of each of the lights can be customized based on your needs. Then, decide between up-facing or down-facing shades. The options are truly endless when it comes to vanity lights.
  • Lighted toe kick nightlight: Illuminate a dark bathroom at night without bothering others by installing a lighted toe kick nightlight. A lighting source is placed in the bottom of a base cabinet. In addition to creating a safer space in the bathroom, toe kick lighting will also serve as a dramatic accent.

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