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Imagine being able to control your entire home from your smartphone. You would never again have to worry about whether the oven was turned off while on vacation, or wonder who is ringing the doorbell as you step out of the shower. With smart technology, you can do all this and so much more. Smart home features are an increasingly popular upgrade during home remodeling in Midland, MI. They give you complete control over everything from the window shades to the light switches with a simple push of a button. The features can range from simple to complex based on your needs. Installing smart home technology can even save you money and improve efficiency. Here are just a few of the smart home features to consider installing:

  • Security services: Smart technology takes home security to the next level. You can easily manage and access intercom systems, video surveillance and more from your cell phone. One option is to install a smart doorbell that will alert you anytime someone presses the button. You will then be able to see if it was someone dropping off a package or a neighbor stopping by. Another option is to set up an automatic phone alert if the garage is left open, the front door opens unexpectedly or a burner is left on.
  • Eco-friendly upgrades: Automating your appliances can significantly reduce your home’s energy consumption and environmental footprint. The energy usage of a smart air conditioner or fridge can be monitored from your tablet. From there, you will be able to make minor adjustments to cut energy usage, which can save you hundreds of dollars annually.
  • Wireless speakers: The music doesn’t have to ever stop with wireless speakers. Installing wireless speakers throughout the house will provide an immersive musical experience in every room of the home. You can play anything anywhere. Some smart speakers can switch the music from one speaker to another if it senses the action has moved into another room. Have a professional install them directly onto the wall for a seamless appearance that doesn’t interfere with the existing décor.
  • Intelligent outlets: Have you ever had to run home quick because you thought the curling iron was left on? That’s a thing of the past with a Wi-Fi connected electrical outlet. The outlet can be switched on and off from a phone. Use it to turn on the coffeemaker before getting out of bed or to switch off a light in another room.
  • Dimmer light switches: Easily create the perfect mood lighting for all occasions with dimmer light switches. The advanced technology allows users to dim a too-bright light or to turn on a hall light before stumbling to the bathroom.

Smart technology gives you complete control of your home. The team at Tri City Remodeling can help you make the switch during your upcoming home remodeling in Midland, MI. We’ll help you create an intelligent and efficient space you’ll love calling home. Call us today to determine the best smart home features for you!

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