Keep Lead Times in Mind When Planning Your Project

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In construction and development, lead times refer to the time that a client must wait between when a project or job is initiated and when a contractor can actually start or deliver a project. For example, if you have a lead time of six weeks for a bathroom remodel, you can expect for your contractor to handle any preparations and relevant permitting before arriving on the site to begin work about six weeks after you first request service.

Lead times are standard when you need a project done, but they can be a drag if you don’t know what to expect. At Tri City Remodeling, we understand how important transparency is, which is why we want to explain how lead times will come into play when you choose to work with our team of remodeling contractors in Midland, MI.

How lead times are determined

In most cases, the condition of the market is the strongest factor that influences lead times. Let’s say that you want to build an addition to your home. Chances are, you will need quite a bit of lumber, which means that your remodeling contractor will need to reach out to a supplier and place an order. If that supplier has a backlog of orders, your remodeling contractor will have to wait on their supply to catch up before they can actually get started on your project. Lead times certainly aren’t a thrill to experience, but they’re actually an indication of a healthy market. After the recession, the construction industry slowly began to recover, and has now emerged as a booming market with a healthy level of demand, which leads to longer lead times.

What you can expect

When you’re working with remodeling contractors in Midland, MI, you can currently anticipate lead times of about three to four months. This is because of a backlog in orders for manufactured products that are necessary to complete construction and renovation projects. There are also other circumstances that can affect lead times. If inclement weather causes transportation delays, for example, it might take longer for the manufacturer to produce products and materials to supply to your contractor.

Although lead times are unavoidable in most cases, knowing exactly what to expect can help make them more bearable. Make sure you speak with remodeling contractors in Midland, MI to find out how long you will have to wait on your project before you get started.

Contact remodeling contractors in Midland, MI

While most customers who are hiring contractors are experiencing lead times of four months or more, the team at Tri City Remodeling is devoted to providing quality service in a timely manner. Although challenges and changes of plans are inevitable when it comes to remodeling and construction, we always communicate with our clients to ensure that they are informed every step of the way. We have a fantastic, decades-long track record of executing successful projects that are completed with adherence to superior standards of quality. You can find out more and schedule an initial appointment by contacting us today.

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