Your Go-to Guide for Home Additions in Midland, MI

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Is a home addition in Midland, MI on your project calendar? This is a significant endeavor. Before you begin, it’s important to plan out the process and learn a few tips that will make the project go more smoothly for everyone.

To reduce hassles and successfully build the addition of your dreams, use the following tips from your general contractor in Midland, MI.

Choose the Room

What room addition could your house use the most? Figure out your priorities for room use to get the best ROI. You may want to expand your kitchen, create a master suite, finish your basement or add an outdoor oasis. Consider your lifestyle and current use of your home. Where do you spend the most time? What area gives you the most frustration? If one room tops these answer lists, you should start there.

Choose the Style

Once you know which room deserves your attention first, decide specifically how you want to enhance this space. There are many types of home additions in Midland, MI. Should you complete a bump-out, a room addition, a basement finishing, a second story or another option? As you weigh your options, consider your space available, budget and lifestyle needs. You must also consider zoning laws and construction codes as you plan your project.

Choose the Materials

What will you need to construct your home addition? Plan out all materials, from walls to flooring to fixtures. This will often require the input of an expert. Don’t guess about the details. You’ll want to ensure that your structure is safe, sound and solid to provide the results you desire.

Research which options will allow you to create the space you want with the features you prefer. Certain materials work better for specific settings, rooms or uses. For example, waterproofing products by Schluter Systems are great for bathrooms, to preserve your addition and prevent future mold growth.

Choose Your Partner

With so many moving pieces and detailed decisions to make, home additions in Midland, MI can become overwhelming. Mistakes are easily made. Why take chances? Partner with a general contractor in Midland, MI who specializes in home additions.

These experts can walk with you through the process, ensuring you make the best choices for your finishes and that everything is installed properly the first time. A qualified contractor will assemble a team of professionals to handle every aspect of your home addition. From plumbing to wiring to painting, every detail will be completed by an expert. You can wring your hands as you try to do all this yourself, or you can rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands.

Choose Wisely

Whom should you partner with for your home addition in Midland, MI? Your go-to experts at Tri City Remodeling are ready to assist you. Family owned and operated, our team is committed to delivering top-quality service. Whether you want a small addition or an entire story added on to your home, our professionals can do it all. We’ve been the area’s trusted general contractor in Midland, MI since 1980. Contact us today to get started!

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