Tips for Getting Your Deck Ready for the Fall

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It’s hard to believe, but the summer is just about over. While we’ve all enjoyed the months of sunshine and warm weather, with plenty of outdoor time and barbecues, the changing of the season is just about upon us, which means we need to start thinking about how to prepare our homes for falling leaves and cooler weather.

Still, we have some time before the weather outside gets truly uncomfortable, so you still have lots of opportunities to enjoy your outdoor spaces. As such, there are some steps you can take to prepare your deck for the fall, without having to worry about winterizing quite yet.

Here are some tips from a general contractor in Midland, MI for getting your deck ready for the fall:

  • Determine how you plan to use the space: The way you use your deck might change as the summer comes to an end. Determine the kinds of activities or events you’re most likely to have outside, and if there’s anything you need to do to alter the space to make it more usable for those purposes. If you still plan on hosting cookouts or sitting outside with a drink now and then, you might consider investing in a heater, or perhaps a new coffee maker you’ll use specifically for your deck.
  • Prepare: Once you know exactly what you’re going to be doing with your deck area in the fall, it’s up to you to make the proper preparations. There are some decks that require more work than others. It could be helpful, for example, to clean your deck, but you probably don’t want to entirely refinish the deck, considering the winter is coming soon—put that off until the spring, if it’s going to be time for you to do so.
  • Look for damage: The changing of the seasons is always a good time for you to inspect your deck and make sure it doesn’t have any damage. If it does, you’ll need to address it quickly. First, look at the wood for signs of splintering or warping. If there are sections of the finish that are starting to fail, you might need to quickly patch it up. You can also replace any bolts or other hardware that aren’t quite up to your standards.
  • Clean: The most frustrating part about having an outdoor space in use during the fall is that it’s frequently going to get covered in leaves. Even after you sweep it off, it’ll just be hours before leaves are all over it once again. But regularly getting rid of leaves, and making sure it’s completely free of leaves during the winter, will help it stay cleaner and in better condition for the long term.
  • Take advantage of the weather now: Winter will be on its way before you know it, so take advantage of every single nice, sunny day you have left!

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