When Is the Best Time to Remodel My Home?

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Remodeling your home can be an exciting and rewarding process, but starting a project of this size can be daunting. You may have many questions, from who should handle your remodel to what the best time is for home remodeling in Midland, MI. We can help answer all your questions about your impending home remodel to ease your worries and help keep you excited about your remodeling project and focused on the results.

Remodeling interior spaces

The great thing about home remodeling in Midland, MI is that if your main focus will be on interior spaces, it doesn’t matter much what time of year or which season you choose to remodel. You can get started right away! With interior remodeling jobs, the work won’t be as much affected by the weather, so anytime you want to have the work done, you can. The exception to this would be if the weather significantly impacted driving conditions and prevented the workers from getting to your house, in which case the project might be delayed a few days.

The other aspect to consider is if you will be having your kitchen remodeled. During kitchen remodeling projects, you will be unable to use your kitchen to cook many meals, so you’ll want to plan ahead. Many families find that during the summertime, it’s easier to be without their kitchen for longer periods of time. Many choose to cook on an outdoor gas grill during this time, so they can still eat at home for some meals. It may also be easier to prepare meals for kids who are not in school and don’t need as many meals prepared in advance.

Remodeling outdoor spaces

If your home remodeling in Midland, MI will include any exterior work or work that exposes the interior of your home to the elements, weather and climate conditions will be more of a concern. If you are planning any work that involves removing the roof, building a second floor or anything that involves exposing the ceiling of your home to the sky, you’ll want to choose a season where there is less precipitation, such as the summer or early fall. Ideally, the exterior work will be complete before the winter sets in. Once the new addition is completed, including making it weathertight with roofing and windows, interior work can extend into the winter without issue.

The last aspect to consider is if you’re planning on adding an entire new addition to your home, including a foundation. The foundation and concrete or masonry work is best done when temperatures are above freezing. Winter is not the best time for this work, as the earth is often frozen or falls below freezing temperatures. If winter is unavoidable for your project, there are additives that can be mixed with concrete and mortar to compensate for freezing temperatures. Once the foundation is complete, the other construction and framing can be started without issues regarding weather.

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