Five Things to Ask Your Contractor Before You Remodel Your Basement

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Before you begin a home remodeling project, especially basement remodeling in Midland, MI, you want to make sure you have a good, foolproof plan in place. Part of good planning is employing the right contractor and making sure your contractor has a firm handle on your expectations and how to best execute your job for the results you want. Follow these questions for making sure you cover all the bases when hiring a contractor for your basement remodeling in Midland, MI:

  • Are you licensed and insured? The first and most important question you should ask your contractor for your basement remodeling in Midland, MI is if they are licensed and insured for home remodeling. A licensed and insured company can offer you protections and ensure that they know what they are doing and can compensate you if anything goes awry. The workers will all be trained and insured against damage, giving you valuable peace of mind.
  • Where are your public reviews? A good contractor should be able to point you to previous happy customer reviews of their work, whether online or via personal testimonials. Previous customers will be able to give you the best idea of what your experience with your contractor will be like. Don’t write off the company for just a few bad reviews, but running themes in bad reviews should cause concern. Yelp, Google and the company’s own website are generally great places to find informative reviews.
  • What’s your timeline and schedule? It can be difficult to anticipate the length of a project down to the day, but a good company will be able to give you a good timeframe of how long a project will take. They should be able to tell you a rough daily schedule of when they’ll begin certain aspects of the work and what the timeline for permits and inspections will look like. They’ll also let you know ahead of time about any anticipated delays.
  • How do you handle communication? A good contractor for basement remodeling in Midland, MI will be highly communicative with you and keep you up to date about the project and any hang-ups they’re experiencing. Will your project managers call you daily or weekly, or will they send texts or emails? They should let you know when they can be reached and what their typical timeframe is for returning missed calls. Communication procedures should be outlined up front so everyone will have accurate expectations.
  • How will you protect my home from damage? Basement remodeling in Midland, MI, like any remodeling project, exposes other aspects of your home to dust and small damage. A good contractor will have a plan for minimizing the spread of dust and small forms of damage throughout the home, as well as for how they’ll transport materials and equipment through your home to minimize dirt and debris.

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