Popular Exterior Home Colors for 2022

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Are you planning to build a new home in 2022? Or are you looking to refresh the exterior of your current home? In either case, you may be struggling to decide which color to choose for your project. When painting such a large surface area, it can be hard to visualize what the finished product will look like until it’s done—and if you don’t love the choices you made, repainting is expensive.

How do you decide which color to paint your home? While your personal preference will always take priority, perusing the year’s trends is always a great starting point. Whether you find a new option you love more than the ones you’d been considering or you feel newfound conviction if the direction you’d already been leaning toward, you’ll feel more confident in your decision.

Read on for the top exterior color trends of 2022.

Exterior color remodeling trends

This year’s exterior home color trends run the gamut, serving up everything from classic to bold and of the moment. No matter which direction you choose, these colors are sure to wow everyone in your neighborhood:

  • Black and white: This classic pairing will remain popular this year, but last year’s bright whites are taking a back seat to softer, warmer shades. Pair with black trim and accents for the full effect. To take these two to an edgier, more contemporary place, consider painting more than just your trim black. Color blocking is a great way to play with dramatic colors without stepping completely outside your comfort zone.
  • Dark and moody: If black is too intense but you’re still interested in exploring dark colors, 2022’s trends have plenty of other options for you to choose from. Consider a deep shade of gray, blue, green or red.
  • Neutrals: If neutrals are more your speed, you’re in luck: They’re still very much in style this year. Soft grays are especially popular. To make neutrals pop, consider incorporating bold, deep accents in your exterior by painting your front door, garage doors or shutters a darker contrasting shade.
  • Accents: The color you paint your home is not the only important aspect of exterior home remodeling—accent elements are also essential. Once you choose your color palette, take your home’s exterior to the next level by incorporating wood, stone, metal or brick accents. This year, bronze and copper accents (like gutters, roofs and hardware) are especially popular. These materials can get pretty expensive. Thankfully, your remodeling contractor will be able to help you secure more budget-friendly options that give the same effect, like vinyl siding and faux stone.

Once you’ve decided which color you’d like to use, you’re ready to contact a contractor and get started. The team at Tri City Remodeling are expert craftsmen who are ready to help you realize your vision. Contact us today to discuss your project. We’ll put together a quote for your project, help find any material substitutes needed to fit your budget and transform your home’s exterior into exactly what you’re dreaming of.

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