Illuminating Your Home Even in the Dim Winter

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The temperatures have dropped, the days have shortened and winter is right around the corner. With fewer daylight hours to accomplish your numerous daily tasks, it can be very easy to catch a case of the winter blues. If you are now reluctantly spending more time inside to stay warm, here are a few tips for seasonal lighting in Midland, MI that can help you bring a little extra brightness to your home during the dim winter months:

  • Accentuate natural light: It is important to emphasize and utilize all of the natural light that makes its way into your home. With this in mind, make sure to keep your curtains or blinds open until the sun goes down. To multiply this natural light, place mirrors on the walls opposite your windows so they can reflect all of the daylight and warmth from the sun throughout the room. If privacy is a concern, you can use sheers to keep a veil over the windows when your curtains are open.
  • Task lighting: Increasing your use of task lighting, even during daylight hours when you might not need it, can go a long way in helping to keep you focused and in good spirits despite the winter melancholy. A portable desk lamp can be particularly useful, as you can move it out of the way when you don’t need it or bring it along with you when you want to shift from work to reading a book in your favorite recliner.
  • Efficient lighting: Because you will likely be relying on your lighting much more during the winter, it is important to do so with energy efficiency in mind so your bill doesn’t skyrocket during the gloomier months. When increasing the illumination in your house, remember to use bulbs that are not only brighter, but also more efficient. Adding dimmers can also be helpful, as they will allow you to adjust the lighting to match your mood throughout the course of the day and can help you to save money in the process.
  • Candlelight: You can also add a soft glow to your home by placing candles or lanterns in your favorite rooms, as well as in darker areas that are harder to illuminate naturally. While this old-world glow might not be the brightest, it will help to create a close, cozy atmosphere that can lift the mood of everyone in the house. If you have little ones or pets and are concerned about fire safety, you can always use flameless candles to create the same mood.

The winter can be long and difficult, and your family will likely need every additional comfort available to remain in good spirits until the warm spring weather rolls back around. To learn more about how you can illuminate your home during the winter utilizing a few simple tips for seasonal lighting in Midland, MI, contact Tri-City Remodeling. Whether you need new fixtures to freshen your home’s interior for the winter or you’d like to reconceptualize your lighting design entirely, our knowledgeable team will make sure you have everything you need with our custom design services. Brighten up the dim winter months and contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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