What Makes a Good Sunroom?

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There’s no denying the benefits of direct sunlight. When sunshine hits your body, your skin soaks up crucial vitamin D. What’s more, sunshine increases your body’s sense of wellbeing and improves your mood. The only question is how best to absorb all that precious sun in the most comfortable way possible.

Enter the sunroom—these gorgeous home additions let you bask in sunlight without being exposed to the elements. Want to hang out in the sunshine on a wintery day? A sunroom is your ticket to paradise.

Sunroom construction in Midland, MI can be a pitch-perfect way to soak up the sun as you add value to your home. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re searching for the perfect way to design and decorate your sunroom.

Keep it cozy

When you’re outfitting your sunroom, resist the temptation to turn it into a formal space. A sunroom should be for relaxation and casual comfort. You want to turn your sunroom into a truly inviting space, and a collection of comfortable chairs or a couch can turn your sunroom into a place you’ll never want to leave.

UV mitigation

Too much of anything can be harmful to people, and it’s certainly true in the case of sunlight. When you’re considering sunroom installation in Midland, MI, you should be sure that your contractor can help you tone down the harsher elements of the sun’s rays. Modern windows and intelligent means of insulation are just two examples of the ways in which a contractor can reduce the potential risk of sun exposure in your sunroom.

Shoot for color neutrality

Remember that when you build and decorate a sunroom, the basic goal should be to make it a transitional space between the inside and outside. In other words, in terms of decoration, you want to make the room feel like it’s a part of nature as well as a natural extension of your home. The massive windows in a sunroom help bring the outside in, and some carefully chosen accent pillows can help extend the natural decor of your home into the new space.

Leave room for plants

Another critical component of a successful sunroom is several potted plants. Whether you’re using cultivated native plants or an exotic variety that loves direct sunlight, a wide range of plants can provide a natural aesthetic that no other room in the house can match.

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