Things to Know About Mid-Century Design

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The mid-century style originated in the time following shortly after the conclusion of the Second World War, and has only grown in popularity in the years leading up today. As with anything that is able to stand the test of time, though, the definition can easily become convoluted and misunderstood over the years. Fortunately, your local remodeling contractors are here to help you get back to the basics of mid-century design in Midland, MI, so that you have a better idea of just what the style represents. Read on to learn more about a few of the key elements that can help you to turn your home into a mid-century modern gem.

Mid-century architecture

The idea behind mid-century design is to combine several contrasting elements together to form one universal aesthetic. For example, multi-purpose spaces and stone fireplaces built right into interior walls have become increasingly common with this style, along with the use of wood for both the floors and ceilings. The inclusion of as much natural lighting as possible is also key, and the standard 3’ x 5’ window has given way to sliding glass doors and larger windows that mimic glass walls.

Notable design features

One of the most notable characteristics of mid-century modern furniture is the sleek lines that are used to form slim or peg legs on chairs, tables or dressers. This slim design is then juxtaposed with organic, geometric shapes to complete the understated and classic look. The material typically used is another union of both old and new, with traditional materials like wood being combined with more modern plexiglass, metal and plywood features. Overall, the ornamentation is kept to a minimum so that the focus remains on the creativity of the shapes and the material.

Furnishing your mid-century modern home

It can be very easy to get lost in the mid-century modern style, so it is best to start by finding one statement piece to build around. To completely capture the mid-century flair, it is important to remember that you don’t have to furnish your entire home with all original pieces, and trying to do so would likely add quite an expense to your budget. A few vintage pieces mixed in with high-quality replicas can create the perfect balance between the needs of your home and your financial resources.

As the style itself focuses heavily on minimalism with a twist, you should try to avoid over-the-top patterns, and try to stick with one general color scheme. This shouldn’t be too difficult, considering mid-century modern design employs a vast array of colors, from neutrals to bolds and everything in between, and the stark contrast that is created with the use of black and white.

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