Should You Invest in Large-Format Wall Tiles?

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One of 2021’s hot new bathroom trends is large-format wall tiles in Midland, MI. If you hate cleaning grout and love the visual impact of big, bold tiles, this trend might be for you. When you’re considering a bathroom remodel and searching for ideas, put this one on your list. It’s subtle, but will make a big aesthetic difference.

Read on to determine whether bigger really is better.

What is a large-format wall tile?

“Large-format” tiles are any tile over 12 inches—some can be as long as several feet on one end. (These are sometimes referred to as panels.) Large-format tiles can be made of anything smaller tiles are made of—concrete, stone, porcelain, ceramic and more—although they tend to be significantly heavier due to their sheer size.

In addition to wall tiles, you might see large-format tiles on floors. Mix and match your tile size in the bathroom, or go for large-format tiles on both the walls and floors for a seamless effect.

Advantages of large-format wall tiles

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits associated with large-format wall tiles:

  • Fewer places to clean: No one likes cleaning grout. It’s a magnet for dirt, grime, hair, mold and mildew—and if you don’t keep up on your cleaning, it can permanently stain. That looks awful, and it can be expensive to redo. With large-format tiles, there are fewer grout lines, so you have much less to clean. Who knew that a stylish trend could be so convenient, too?
  • Creates a sleek visual effect: When you use smaller tiles, the grout line can add visual clutter. Sometimes that’s a purposeful part of the design, but in many cases, it just looks busy. Large-format wall tiles create a sleeker visual effect overall—your bathroom will look cleaner and more modern.
  • Match the grout to the tile for an open look: When you really want a seamless look, match your large-format tile to the grout. This “hides” the grout lines (which are already few and far between) so the tiles really stand on their own.
  • Make your bathroom look bigger: Finally, large-format tiles make your bathroom look much bigger. The larger spaces and fewer interruptions trick the brain into thinking the space is larger than it really is. This is a great option for smaller bathrooms, especially if you pair them with a floating vanity.

Choosing large-format wall tiles for your Midland, MI bathroom is a modern yet timeless look—one that affords you a lot more cleaning convenience, and makes your space look clean and open. If you think this tile type might be right for you, talk to your contractor about your options.

Large-format tiles can be more expensive and more difficult to mount, since they’re large and heavy. However, depending on your budget and other bathroom goals, you might find room in your remodeling budget to make it work. If you choose these tiles, there’s no doubt you’ll love their beauty and convenience for years to come.

When you’re ready to start your bathroom remodel, call Tri City Remodeling right away to arrange a consultation.

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