How to Plan a Stress-Free Home Remodeling Project

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The prospect of executing a large-scale home remodeling project can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you consider all of the logistics you’ll need to address outside the actual project work. The good news is that with some planning, you can make the process go smoothly and with relatively little stress.

Here’s a quick overview of the important steps to planning a home remodeling project in Midland, MI.

Start planning as soon as possible

To begin your project, you should create a home improvement project plan that is as detailed as possible. Get started creating this plan as soon as you’ve officially decided to move forward with the project.

The plan should include blueprints for the project, a list of everything you need (and want), the steps of the project, a list of which steps you can perform yourself and which will need professional assistance and a list of any permits you’ll need to get.

Create a budget

Once you have the full scope of work you’ll be performing as part of the project, it’s time for you to create a realistic budget. This should include the costs of materials, labor and permits.

Your budget should take into account how much you want to spend compared to what you need for the project. Keep a 10-percent buffer for unexpected costs that will almost certainly arise during the project. Get financing in place early.

Seek contractors

The next step is to bid the job out to contractors. Get quotes from contractors who have plenty of experience in that specific kind of job, who are licensed and insured in the work you’ll have them do, who come highly recommended (either by online reviews or by friends and family) and who are able to get the job done within your budget, or at least close to it.

You should trust your instincts when hiring contractors. Does it seem like they’ll be good to work with? Do they offer payment plans? Do they demonstrate the expertise necessary to properly complete your project? These are all things to consider.

Establish a project timeline

Once you have contractors in place, you can work with them to establish a timeline for the project. Choose a desired start date or a desired finish date. Work with your contractors to determine how long each stage of the project will take and what you need to do to prepare.

Make sure to work in extra time to clean out the project area and time for materials to be shipped and delivered. Depending on the type of project, you might need to account for bad weather, as well.

Get ready

In the days or weeks leading up to the beginning of the project, make sure you spend plenty of time preparing the job site for the contractors so they can get to work right away. If they’re working on a kitchen or bathroom, make sure you have plans in place to work around that. For kitchen work, you might consider cooking outside, using a camp stove or eating out more. For a bathroom, make plans to shower and get ready elsewhere.

For more information about when to start planning a home remodel and the steps you should take, contact our home remodeling service in Midland, MI.

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