Different Options for Staircase Upgrading and Updating

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Does your staircase need an overhaul? If the last time you spruced it up was in the ‘80s when it was built, it’s high time for an upgrade. Whether you want to transform a carpeted staircase into a beautiful hardwood statement piece, stencil and paint it, create built-in storage or something else entirely, changing up your staircase can transform your home. Here are some of our favorite types of staircase upgrades in Midland, MI.

StareCasing hardwood upgrades

If you’ve got an old, ugly or even carpeted staircase, StareCasing might be a good solution for you. So, what is StareCasing in Midland, MI?

StareCasing is a company that specializes in hardwood staircase overlay systems. Instead of ripping out your old staircase, you can simply remove the carpet or overlay and install hardwood panels on top of it. It costs a fraction of the price, can be customized to any staircase and completely transforms the look of your stairs. They can be pre-finished or primed for painting, depending on the look you’re going for.

The StareCasing system uses two separate pieces for each step: the riser (which supports each step) and the tread (the part you stand upon). Installing these over your existing staircase allows you to upgrade it without needing to replace the entire structure.

At Tri City Remodeling, we offer StareCasing solutions for every home. Make sure you call us to discuss your options—we’d love to help you save money and create the beautiful home you’ve been craving.

Staircase design and décor ideas

Whether or not StareCasing is right for you, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your staircase. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Long carpets: Instead of carpeting your stairs completely, add visual interest (and traction) to your hardwood steps by adding a long carpet. This leaves part of your hardwood bare, and makes an eye-catching statement.
  • Painted risers: Your risers can be painted. Some people choose solid colors, while others might try a specific design (for example, book spines). If you have kids, chalkboard painted risers can be a fun way to let them “decorate,” too.
  • Built-in storage: Bookshelves, custom cabinets and closets are perfect for placing under the stairs. Just shut the door to hide the clutter.
  • Under-stair offices: If you have a lot of space or a cabinet underneath your staircase, you might want to take the door off and convert it into a mini office or reading nook.
  • Wallpaper: Use bold wallpaper on your risers to pull your home décor together.
  • LED lighting: Consider adding LED light strips underneath each stair—it’s not only safe, but it can add pretty illumination without taking up much space.
  • Tiles: Tiles are another great way to make your staircase risers pop. Add bursts of color and texture for an unusual look.
  • Gallery wall: Don’t neglect the walls next to your stairs—create a gallery wall for a modern, fun look.

Ready to upgrade your staircase in Midland, MI? Call Tri City Remodeling to get started.

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