When and How to Remove a Toilet

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Toilets are capable of lasting many years, but there will eventually come a time when replacement is necessary. You might decide to replace the toilet for cosmetic reasons, due to it breaking or cracking, or because it wastes a lot of water. Conversely, you might only need to remove the toilet to replace a wax ring before setting it back in place.

With this in mind, here are some tips for replacing a toilet in your Midland, MI home:

  • Gather equipment: You’ll need a large sponge and bucket (because there will inevitably be some spilled water), a tongue-and-groove pliers, an adjustable wrench, a putty knife, a two-foot level and a new wax ring to go along with your new toilet. You might need some silicone caulk, toilet shims or a hacksaw blade, depending on any complexities that might arise with the job.
  • Drain: Make sure you shut off the water to the toilet and completely drain it by flushing it. Move or sponge any remaining water out of the tank and bowl before proceeding.
  • Take off nuts and pull up the toilet: Disconnect the water supply with a tongue-and-groove pliers, and remove the plastic caps on the floor bolts. Take the nuts off the bolts with an adjustable wrench (if needed—in some cases they might be wing nuts). If the nuts are rusted, you may need to cut off the bolts. Once the nuts are removed you can lift the toilet bowl and tank assembly and place it elsewhere, on top of old rugs or newspapers to prevent staining of the floor.
  • Inspect: Inspect the closet flange—you may need to replace or repair it if damaged. Remove any old wax from that flange on the floor.
  • Test fit: Bring in the new toilet and do a test fit before you put on the new wax ring, just to make sure the flange and closet bolts will align with the new toilet’s base holes. Make sure the toilet sits level as well—you may need to use shims to get it to sit perfectly level.
  • Wax ring: Once you’re certain the new toilet will fit properly and sit level, you can install a new wax ring over the horn, which is the raised area around the drain hole. Press down firmly on the wax ring until it’s well seated.
  • Set the toilet: Set the flange bolts in their slots with the treaded ends pointing up. With a helper, set the toilet on to the closet flange, making sure the holes slip over the flange bolts. Push down and rock with pressure until the toilet is firmly seated over the floor and the wax ring. You can then retighten the nuts, and install any plastic covers over them. Just make sure you don’t overtighten the bolts, or you could experience cracking in the porcelain.
  • Test: Reconnect the water supply to the fill valve, open the shutoff valve on the toilet and allow the tank to fill. Give it a flush to test it out, and watch for leaks at the connections or around the base.

For more information about how to remove and replace a toilet, contact Tri City Remodeling. If this sounds like too big a job, or if your toilet replacement is going to be part of a larger bathroom project, our remodeling company in Midland, MI can help!

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