Have You Considered a Floating Vanity?

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When you’re getting ready to remodel your bathroom, you might assume that your vanity choices are limited to material, countertop, fixtures and sinks—but there’s one more option to consider. Floating vanities are a hot trend in Midland, MI. Instead of choosing a vanity that rests on the floor, you can mount it to the wall for a sleek, modern look. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a floating vanity:

  • Choose your own height: If you’re a particularly tall or petite person, most standard floor-mounted vanities are not going to be suitable for you. This goes double if you use a wheelchair to get around the home. Floating vanities make it possible to custom-mount the vanity at the height you prefer.
  • Make cleaning easier: By taking the cabinetry off the floor, your bathroom just became a lot easier to clean. There are a lot fewer areas for dust, hair and other debris to collect. Just sweep or mop underneath the vanity to clean your floors fast.
  • Show off your beautiful flooring: Speaking of floors, if your bathroom remodel includes gorgeous new hardwood or tile flooring, why not take the opportunity to show it off? Floating vanities leave the space underneath open, so you get the visual impact of the flooring throughout more of the room.
  • Creates an open, airy space: Do you have a small bathroom, or just love the look of huge, open and airy ones? Floating vanities open up the space and make it appear larger. Not only is that pretty flooring easier to clean and better looking, but it also tricks the brain into thinking the space is bigger. You’ll still get plenty of storage space, too.
  • Convenient for mobility devices: From wheelchairs to toddler stepstools, the open bottom of the floating vanity makes it easier for every member of your household to maneuver around. Plus, you’re able to get a lot closer to the mirror, since you can stand with your feet under the vanity itself.
  • More space for radiant heating: If you have radiant heating in your flooring, a floating vanity creates even more space to heat the room. This is a great (and gorgeous) way to make more efficient use of this type of heating system.
  • Avoid flooding the bottom of your vanity: Any bathroom can flood—it’s just the nature of the room. All that water and steam can collect on your floor, and if you have a floor-mounted vanity, that can damage the wood. Instead of risking a warped vanity bottom, you can eliminate the problem entirely with a floating vanity.

Floating vanities are a beautiful, stylish trend, but they might not be right for everyone. If you have questions about whether a floating vanity is suitable for your bathroom, talk to your contractor. They can tell you more about your options, the cost and what they recommend for your space.

To learn more about floating vanities and bathroom remodeling in Midland, MI, call Tri City Remodeling today. Let us transform your bathroom!

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