Time for New Gutters? These Are the Signs to Look For

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You may not pay much attention to them, but downspouts and gutters do play a huge role in keeping the structural integrity of your house. Without them, rainwater will fall straight from your roof and down the walls, causing widespread damage in the long run.Gutters and waterspouts collect and help funnel rainwater safely down the side of your house so it goes straight to drainage, keeping the rest of the structure safe from water inundation and damage.

As with any other structural component, however, they are also subject to wear and tear. That’s why it’s just as important that you keep an eye out and stay on top of any repairs necessary. Here are some obvious signs it’s time to get gutter repair service.

Gutter Seams

Gutter systems are made up of sections, which create seams. Over time, these seams can be put under a lot of stress, especially with the weight of dried leaves, twigs, and other organic debris. Sometimes they even end up becoming nesting spots for birds!

So it’s not only rainwater that goes into these gutters. That’s why it’s important to get this regularly cleaned and cleared out. This, however, can be tedious, so it’s actually become more practical nowadays to go for seamless gutters.

Seamless gutters eliminate this problem of seam stress, therefore requiring less maintenance on the part of the homeowner. A seamless gutter installation by a professional should therefore be of huge help.

Cracked Gutters

Cracked gutters pose a lot of problems because they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do, which is to hold the rainwater and divert it away from the structure. The thing is that finding cracks may be tricky, unless they’re really big and obvious. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait till the next rainfall to see if there are any leaks anywhere afterward.

By then, however, the damage would have already been done. Not only do cracked gutters mean defective gutters, but they also mean potential mold and mildew buildup on the walls of your home. Water damage and all sorts of other problems related to it can spread fairly quickly, so it would be best to get regular maintenance checks and repairs to prevent bigger issues.


Speaking of mold and mildew, you can easily spot the path of the water damage from gutters to waterspouts based on the stains and imprints on the wall surface. Especially if your sidings are made of wood, you should be able to spot telltale signs of these problems early on.

Another sign, which will be much easier to spot, is rotting. Check your sidings, window trims, and other external elements for signs of rot, especially if there’s a downspout nearby. This could indicate gutter damage, which would mean it’s time to call in for gutter repair.

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