5 Ways to Incorporate Carpet into Your Home Decor

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Adding carpeting to your home decor has numerous benefits. Not only can it make your home space much more attractive, but it can also keep your electricity bill down, make sitting on the floor more comfortable, and improve the overall aesthetics. These are some thoughtful ways you can use carpet in your home decor to enhance the general dynamic:

1. Use Carpeting as a Focal Point

Using a piece of carpet as the focal point in any room can open up many doors of possibility. Consider buying your carpet first and concentrating on its visual characteristics. Look for a color theme or pattern that catches your eye, and then create the feel of the entire room based on the carpet. For example, you might buy a black and white swirl carpet and choose to match your furniture and wall paint to those colors. The fairly easy project can give your room an elegant appeal.

2. Create a Retro-Style Room

Carpet installation can help you create a retro style as well. You’ll need to choose a vibrant design that jumps out at the first site. Bohemian patterns, flowers, or plain bright colors can help you create your retro room. Yellow, green, and orange are always great carpet color options when going retro. You can follow that up by installing lively leather furniture, abstract art, and eye-catching paint or wallpaper. 

3. Design a Super-Cozy Bathroom

Not every homeowner chooses to add carpeting to the bathroom. Therefore, you’re already halfway to being unique if you decide to decorate your restroom that way. Adding carpeting can make the room much cozier and add layers of flair to the shower curtain you choose.

You can create a fantasy bathroom with colors like pink and teal. Alternatively, you can choose a beige, black, or tan carpet for this area to make it more "business-like." Either way, your household members will enjoy the time they spend there. 

4. Give Your Kitchen More Personality

Gorgeous carpeting can add personality to your kitchen as well. You must choose wisely when selecting a kitchen carpet to avoid trips and falls, but it can add volume to your home’s overall appeal. Consider installing a color that matches your cabinets and then painting your kitchen walls to create a distinct personality within the cooking area. 

5. Give Your Den a Traditional Feel

A den is a great place to add carpeting. It’s also the perfect room to turn into an office-type area. Beige colors are great for office spaces because they’re typically neutral. Adding a brown leather couch and chairs will give you the professional setting you desire. You may also want to install a bookcase or full computer desk and setup if you are working inside the den. 

Now you have a few ideas for home flooring trends to follow. Your carpet can lead the way to creating fantastic new living areas. Try starting from the ground up the next time you move into a new home or decide to renovate your existing one. 

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