Benefits of Steam Showers

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Throughout the United States, health-conscious homeowners are beginning to explore the benefits of steam showers. These marvelous installations are taking the health benefits of a steam shower in Midland, MI from the spa all the way to your bathroom. Steam showers can be added to a bathroom, either alongside a conventional shower head or as the centerpiece of its own stall. Either way, there are numerous reasons to install a steam shower in your home.

Say goodbye to that stuffy nose

If you’re one of the 50 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, then a steam shower could work wonders for you. Steam has been shown extremely effective at clearing congested nasal passages, which means that a steam shower could quickly become your number one weapon in the fight against phlegm and congestion.

Improve your circulation

The heat from a steam shower has been proven to expand blood vessels. This allows your body’s blood to flow easier, which translates to improved circulation and can even result in lowered blood pressure.

The perfect post-exercise routine

When you work out, your body builds up metabolic waste. If left alone, this waste can manifest in the form of muscle soreness. Steam can help remove that built-up byproduct of exercise and help you move on with your day without aches and pains.

Save yourself some time and money

Okay, while it’s not technically one of the health benefits of a steam shower in Midland, MI, it should be noted that by putting a personal spa in your home, you will save yourself hundreds of dollars’ worth of spa trips. Even better, you can start skipping the hassle of driving to the spa, as well. That adds up to more time for yourself and your friends and family. So, yes, it’s not technically a health benefit, but it’s pretty enticing nonetheless.

Get clearer skin

When you bask in your steam shower, the heat and moisture combine to open up your body’s pores. The wider those pores are, the more easily dirt and bacteria wash away. That means you’re likely to get fewer blackheads and pimples.

Take a break for yourself

Perhaps the most significant impact of a steam shower is its ability to soothe frayed nerves and lower stress. The combination of heat, moisture and the time for quiet reflection can have a dramatic impact on your mood, either before you go to sleep or before you start your day.

The steam shower team

At Tri City Remodeling, we want to help you experience the health benefits of a steam shower in Midland, MI. We have the tools, the knowledge and the parts to turn your bathroom into your own slice of spa heaven.

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