Effects of Glass Railing Staircases on Your Home’s Aesthetic

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When most homeowners think about the railing of their staircase, they often opt for traditional wooden staircase railings. That’s understandable, of course—wooden staircase railings are a time-tested option. That said, a standard wooden railing isn’t right for every homeowner. For those who want to make a splash or stand out from the crowd, a glass railing for staircases in Midland, MI could be just the ticket.

Increase your sense of space

Perhaps the best part of a glass railing for your staircase is its ability to open up the space in your home. If your wooden-railed staircase is a big blemish on your first floor, or if it seems to take up too much space, a glass railing can make your first floor appear more cohesive and larger.

Stay chic for the long haul

At first glance, glass may not seem like the toughest material, but glass staircase railings are most commonly made from thick plates of glass that stand up to the typical bumps and scratches of daily life. As a result, a glass railing can be an excellent low-maintenance option for both staircases and outside deck railings.

Glass for any occasion

It’s important to understand that a glass railing for staircases in Midland, MI can be fitted to meet any aesthetic:

  • A dadoed glass railing is one in which the glass exists inside a wooden structure. Think of it like the glass in a picture frame.
  • A standoff glass railing has glass panels fixed securely to metal cylinders. It’s perfect for a spare home aesthetic.
  • A clamped glass railing features more hardware than a standoff glass railing. Stainless steel clamps keep glass panels in place.

These basic staircase railings are just the beginning. They can be customized with a variety of different accents, including different finishes and color of metal, different types of wood, etc.

Do your homework

Glass can be a wonderful addition to any property. That said, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into before you put any money down. First of all, a glass staircase railing is more expensive than the alternative. It’s also important to understand that if your contractor isn’t experienced enough, a lot can go wrong during installation.

As a result, it’s important to work with a qualified contractor who won’t stick it to you when the bill is handed over.

Your Midland-area contractor

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