What Every Homeowner Should Know About Under-the-Stairs Remodeling

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Part of the fun of being a homeowner is figuring out how to maximize your space. Your floorplan might be set in stone, due to the limitations of your lot or even your budget, but you can always work within those parameters. Finding unused or underutilized areas of your home is a great way to increase your storage space and your comfort in your home, and our team at Tri City Remodeling has been helping homeowners accomplish this for four decades.

One area that we see more and more homeowners taking a look at is the space underneath staircases—under-staircase remodeling in Midland, MI is a popular way to add space and flair to any home.

Storage is always an option

The most common use for space under stairways is to just turn it into more storage. We see a lot of homeowners transform this space into a simple coat closet or large amounts of shelving where they can store everything from the kids’ sports equipment to holiday decorations.

Remodeling under the staircase in Midland, MI can also prompt some more creative options as well. Some homeowners prefer to install drawers that blend right into the wall beneath the staircase, for example, so the storage is out of sight and out of mind, and seamlessly integrated into their existing living space.

A castle (or a desert island)

Many homeowners with small children opt to turn this space into a small play area for their kids. They can create a small room there, with or without a door, that allows their children’s imaginations to run wild. You can supplement this with clever decorating—painting the pyramids of Egypt on the wall, for example, or even a rainforest scene that will help spark the creativity and spirit of your kids. Under-staircase remodeling in Midland, MI does not have to be limited to pure functionality—it can be a space of fun and ingenuity, too!

Other potential uses

Some uses of the space under a staircase can be dependent on its location. If it’s situated near the kitchen, for example, you could consider turning it into a pantry space that gives you much-needed room for food, pots and pans. Other homeowners might stash their washer and dryer in this space, freeing up valuable floor space elsewhere for other uses. Under-staircase remodeling in Midland, MI can cover any number of uses, and it’s really up to the imagination of the homeowner to decide how they want to activate this commonly underutilized space.

If you don’t fancy yourself the creative type, then we encourage you to take these tips and expand your own research into how you might use the area under a staircase to benefit your family and your home. We encourage potential clients to give Tri City Remodeling call anytime and consult with our designers and technicians, who are a true wealth of information when it comes to redecorating and remodeling ideas and techniques. Reach out today to arrange a consultation and begin discussing your remodel!

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