Closet Storage Tips for Accessories

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It can be tempting to treat a closet like a larger version of a junk drawer. After all, we don’t see it since it’s behind a door, so what’s the harm in just tossing stuff in there willy-nilly? But when we go to look for something we know is in there and have to search for 10 minutes, that’s when we can really see the value in having an organized closet.

But since we put so much more than just clothes in the closet, what is the best way to keep it organized? The solution might be a type of custom closet storage in Midland, MI.

There are many ways to organize a closet, and you may be surprised at just how much can be stored in that small space once everything has its own dedicated place. Accessories like ties, belts, ironing tools, mirrors and more can be easily accessible with the right planning. Here are some suggestions for how to store accessories in a closet in Midland, MI.

Accessories for your accessories

A little planning can go a long way when it comes to closet organization. A good first step is to consider your wardrobe. Do you wear ties often? To you have a lot of belts? What about jewelry? Do you do a lot of ironing? Taking a look at your own personal habits and style will go a long way toward figuring out the perfect closet solution for you.

There are many options for how to store accessories in a closet that take up little or no room. For example, there are several types of fixtures that pull or fold out when you need them and can be hidden away when you don’t.

A pullout tie rack can store your ties in an organized, unobtrusive way and allow you to browse through them when you’re getting dressed before putting them back in their own place when you’re finished. This same idea can be put to use for scarves and belts as well.

You can also customize a space in your closet for ironing tools. This can be done so you don’t even notice them when they’re not in use, yet they are right there when you need them. A pullout ironing board is a great space-saving idea and can be installed in a variety of ways, including inside a drawer. That drawer can also hold other ironing tools to keep everything in one convenient location.

There are also many options for storing jewelry in a closet that make it easier to find a piece you’re looking for and keep everything in perfect condition. For example, a drawer for jewelry can be designed to separate and organize your pieces in easily searchable layers where you can see everything neatly laid out all at once.

Organizing your closet can turn a messy and anxiety-inducing space into one of the most relaxing and efficient parts of your home. Call Tri City Remodeling today for all your custom closet storage needs in Midland, MI.

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