The Benefits of Custom Hardwood Flooring

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If you’re remodeling a room and need to choose new floors, the endless array of options can be daunting. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that it’s tough to top hardwood.

Keep reading to learn a few reasons to go with custom flooring installation over those other options.


One of the top reasons homeowners go with hardwood floors is their longevity. Hardwood floors have a minimum service of 35 years, and it’s not uncommon for them to last 100 years or more. When you compare that to the five-year lifespan of vinyl or carpet, hardwood is a no-brainer. Additionally, hardwood is durable enough to handle scratches and heavy wear caused by kids and pets.

Low maintenance

Vacuuming and sweeping aren’t the hardest household chores, but they’re tasks that most homeowners try to avoid. Go with hardwood if you’re looking for worry-free floors that require very little maintenance. You may need to occasionally clean them with wood-safe cleaning products, but daily vacuuming is a thing of the past when you choose hardwood.


Custom hardwood floors come in a wide variety of styles, shades and wood types to suit your wants and needs for every room in the home. Whether you’re choosing flooring for the dining room, family room, kitchen or hallway, be sure to consider custom hardwood. The only place hardwood isn’t ideal for is the bathroom; even then, hardwood can work out if you’re careful.

Timeless beauty

Luxury vinyl can provide a nearly perfect imitation of hardwood floors, but nothing can match the look and feel of the real thing. Upgrading to hardwood floors transforms the look of the room and makes the entire space feel a touch more elegant. If you’re looking to stun guests with your flooring, look no further than custom hardwood.

Increased home value

One of the top benefits of custom hardwood floors is that they drastically increase your home’s resale value. Assuming the floors are professionally installed and high-quality wood is used, hardwood can boost your home’s value by 2.5 percent. That might not seem like a lot at first glance, but that’s a significant increase. If you’re considering selling your home any time soon, make the upgrade to hardwood before you put it on the market.

Better air quality

You might not think so, but your floors are directly related to the air quality inside your home. Carpeted flooring retains tons of dust, pet dander and other allergens. When people walk across the floors, those allergens float upward and lower the room’s air quality. Since hardwood doesn’t retain these allergens and is easy to clean, you can trust that your floors will improve the air quality inside your home.

We’re your go-to team for custom flooring

We should note that custom flooring installation shouldn’t be a DIY job. For the best results, contact our pros at Tri City Remodeling. We guarantee you’ll love the look of your home once we’re through with the floors. Contact us today to get a free quote for your flooring installation project.

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