Laundry Room Remodeling Tips

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Just about the last place in a home that most people invest in is the laundry room. They think of it as a purely utilitarian space that doesn’t need to look particularly nice or serve any function other than housing a washer and dryer. However, when you are undergoing laundry room remodeling in Midland, MI, you’d be amazed at the endless options available for transforming this area of your home into something that is both gorgeous and useful. Here are some tips as you’re getting started:

  • Determine why you are remodeling your laundry room: This is the time to make a wish list for everything you want in your new laundry room. This can include everything from more counter space for folding to built-in dry racks. Really consider how you want to use your laundry room after it has been remodeled so you get what you want when the project is done.
  • Set a budget: A project such as laundry room remodeling in Midland, MI can get expensive if you don’t set a budget from the get-go. This also means shopping around for a reliable, cost-effective contractor who will give you the best price while still providing the best quality service.
  • Pick your color palette: Your laundry room, just like every other part of your home, should look beautiful even when it’s filled with baskets of dirty clothes. Choose the colors you would like included in your newly-remodeled laundry room. Think of the colors of your washer and dryer and work from there. Head to Pinterest if you need some inspiration.
  • Add functionality to the space: All too often, a laundry room houses a washer and dryer, with little else being done to make the area usable. When you remodel your laundry room, think about the different ways you want to use the space. From folding to ironing, hang drying to storing, there are a variety of options when it comes to your laundry room’s functionality.
  • Think outside of the box: Even a small laundry room is filled with possibilities. Hideaway drying racks and ironing boards are easy to build into the walls of the room. Don’t let square footage hinder your vision. Speak with your contractor about ways to build in the items you want in your laundry room. It’s worth the conversation and could result in the laundry space you’ve always wanted.
  • More than a laundry room: Given the size of your laundry room, this space can be for more than just cleaning clothing and linens. For instance, many people use laundry rooms for extra storage space, craft space and general cleaning needs.
  • Create a laundry closet: Maybe you don’t want a full laundry room and would rather dedicate that area in your home to something else. Have a closet in your home remodeled to accommodate your washer and dryer and totally redesign your former laundry room to meet your needs. Just because the previous owners of your home wanted a laundry room doesn’t mean you have to have one, so let your imagination run wild and really consider what makes the most sense for you and your family.

Undertaking laundry room remodeling in Midland, MI is a big project to do on your own. With the expert guidance of Tri City Remodeling, you’ll have the laundry room you’ve always wanted, and on your desired timeline. Contact us today to discuss your remodeling needs.

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