Seven Remodeling Misconceptions

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The rise in popularity of home improvement TV shows and networks has greatly increased peoples’ interest in updating their homes. This is great for the remodeling industry, but it has created a ton of home improvement misconceptions in Midland, MI. That’s why we’re here to set the record straight! Continue reading to learn the truth behind the top remodeling misconceptions we encounter.

DIY saves money

It stands to reason that doing a remodeling project without hiring a contractor would be cheaper. But unless you have industry experience, DIY projects often cost more than hiring a pro. Homeowners can easily get in over their heads and make mistakes that cost a bundle to fix. A contractor, on the other hand, has industry knowledge and experience to avoid those blunders.

Remodeling projects are fast

Projects on many home improvement shows are complete in under an hour, including commercial breaks. That’s certainly not the case in real life! Many improvement projects run into electrical or plumbing issues that can add days or even weeks to the project’s timeline. Keep in mind that all timelines your contractor gives are subject to change.

Every remodel adds value

Unfortunately, not every renovation project will increase your home’s market value. In fact, some remodeling projects can actually turn buyers off. If you’re trying to increase your home’s value, do minor upgrades to your bathroom and kitchen or update your outdoor living space. These are a few of the renovation projects that provide the highest ROI.

Adding a pool increases value

One of the worst decisions for home remodeling in Midland, MI could be adding an outdoor swimming pool. Not only is this an expensive project, but pools also require a lot of upkeep. Potential buyers might not want to deal with the constant cleaning required or take on the liability of a pool.

High-quality materials always attract buyers

Expensive finishes and modern appliances might look nice, but they aren’t always what buyers want. Talk to your contractor when selecting fixtures and appliances, and consider going with more affordable materials. These will often provide a higher ROI than the latest and most expensive materials on the market.

Expensive contractors are always more reliable

Another one of the biggest home improvement misconceptions in Midland, MI is that the more expensive contractors are always a better hire. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Reading online reviews and interviewing contractors will yield a better experience than simply going with the guys who cost the most.

Going green is always expensive

It’s true that doing things like adding solar panels and using green building materials can be a bit more expensive, but that’s not always the case. When planning your remodel, look at the upfront cost of materials and additions, and then consider your lifetime savings. Nine times out of 10, the green option is worth the initial investment.

Hire Tri City Remodeling for all of your home improvement needs

The biggest takeaway from this list is that you should hire the right contractor to tackle your home improvement projects. Whether you’re adding a deck or updating your interior living space, Tri City Remodeling is the crew for the job. We’ll help you avoid the worst decisions for home remodeling in Midland, MI and complete your project on time and under budget.

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